Our Approach

MI AZ makes giving easy and effective! We take the guesswork out of giving and help you strategically invest in the causes you’re most passionate about. Through our relationships with non-profits around the country, in-depth data analysis, and giving feedback, we’ll help take your giving efforts to a level you never knew was possible! 

At MI AZ, we believe that Relationships + Research + Reporting = Maximum Giving Results!

Whether you’re launching a non-profit or you’ve been up and running for years, MI AZ will help you become healthy, strong and sustainable. We offer a combination of workshops and webinars, as well as customized coaching, to train non-profits on a wide range of organizational issues. As your non-profit grows, you may receive an invitation to apply for matching cash grants. 

At MI AZ, we believe that Training + Coaching + Granting = Maximum Impact!

At Mission Increase Arizona (MI AZ), we’re passionate about helping non-profits grow and helping givers in our community give with leverage and impact!  MI AZ is a chapter of the national 

For Non-Profits

MI AZ provides support at no cost:

Mission Increase Foundation.

For Givers

In 2009, a study conducted by the Baylor University Institute of Religion revealed the following: 

• “The more intensively organizations are involved with Mission Increase (MI), the more likely they were to have increased their revenue… groups that reported they had implemented “many” ideas learned through MI training showed strong performance… 84% increased their revenue; 80% acquired new donors; 58% diversified their revenue streams; and 61% increased their number of major donors.” (6, 21)

• By contrast… “22 organizations indicated that they had not implemented any of the strategies they had heard about in MI’s training…among this group, 91% indicated that they had not increased their income post-involvement with MIF.” (21)

Why our system works

Total Matching Grants Since 2008

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Non-profits Served in 2018

• 89% of survey respondents rated MI’s services as “valuable” or “extremely valuable.” (25) 

Our Team

Jonathan has served 25 years in ministry as an administrator, fundraiser, lead pastor and consultant, and helped launch MI AZ nine years ago. 

He has an M.Div degree from Wesley Theological Seminary and a D.Min degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. Jonathan believes that God is working in wonderful ways through the non-profit community in AZ!

Jonathan and his wife, Karla, live in Anthem, AZ and have three children - Austin, MJ and Justin.

Area Director assistant 

Karla (yes, Jonathan's wife!) serves as Area Director Assistant for Mission Increase Offices around the country, including MI AZ. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from Eastern Nazarene College in Boston, and her Master of Social Work degree from Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

Karla has worked as a school social worker, children’s pastor, and small groups ministry director, and now finds great joy in serving the non-profit community in AZ and across the country. 

Dr. Jonathan Roe

Area Director

KArla Roe

Begin your relationship with MI AZ and 
set up a non-profit profile today!

"After attending MI AZ workshops for several years, we now have a confidence about fundraising and our future!”   - Kidz-At-Heart, International

“Mission Increase AZ has played a key role in making our development and growth happen.”   - AZ Neighborhood Transformation

As a non-profit, you set out ready to change the world, but the demands of running an organization and finding the right supporters and resources is challenging. 

Don’t go at it alone! MI AZ is here to help with free services. Engage with us! Set up a non-profit profile today! 

Once connected, we serve you through: 




• We provide you with in-person and on-line training in fundraising and development, board governance, leadership and more.
• We challenge you to practice "fundraising as ministry" through a biblically-based approach.
• We teach you how to raise up resources and people to help build sustainability.

• We provide customized coaching to help solve unique challenges. 
• We journey with you and your team as a coach and mentor. 
• We work to personally help you fulfill your God-given mission.

• We provide matching grants to qualified non-profits.
• We provide additional training and coaching to help you meet the “match” portion of the grant.
• We give our grant once the “match” has been met, doubling the financial resources and the impact of the grant.

Strategic Partnerships

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The Andringa Group


Engage with MI AZ today to see how we can help you maximize your calling as a Giver! 




“Through MI AZ, we’re able to make more informed giving decisions and measure the results of those gifts.” 
                                   - Brad Edson, Marketplace One 

“MI AZ has been a great blessing to us!  They've given free training to non-profits we support AND have helped us find new organizations to give to as well.  We look forward to continuing our partnership!" 
       - Michelle Vetrano, Giving Hope Worldwide Foundation 

Are you as diligent about giving as you are about running your business? At MI AZ, we take the guesswork out of giving and help you elevate the causes you’re most passionate about! 

We serve you through:

• We have personal relationships with non-profits throughout Arizona and around the country.
• We know presidents, leadership teams, boards, programs, focus’, and causes.
• We know them and you, so we make perfect connections that result in Kingdom impact.

• We gather comprehensive data on every non-profit involved in our program. 
• We analyze data, revealing the gift that will best help the non-profit grow.
• We help you give matching grants so gifts will be leveraged and maximized.

• We provide detailed feedback and reporting on all gifts given.
• We show how gifts were matched, how funds were spent, how many were impacted, and more.
• We eradicate the possibility of giving to a non-profit and not understanding the impact of your gift.






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